At CivicoLabs, we believe in breaking down silos to create change in cities.  

We are an independent organization driven by firsthand proof of the incredible things that happen when the public and private sectors work together on shared missions. Our team knows this because it has done the work and seen the results. 

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CivicoLabs is led by individuals who are passionate about cities and who have executed transformative, innovative initiatives in the civic and private sectors. 

For our work, we tap into our network of important thought leaders in both spheres, and look to continually find ways to bring the right stakeholders to the table to achieve a particular city mission, whether social, economic or environmental.

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 Our Values & Beliefs: 

Cities — particularly medium- and small-sized ones — are the incubators for major change.

Collaboration and creativity are the ways to achieve sustainable progress.

Storytelling is an important component to inspire.

The sky’s not the limit, but the beginning.

The biggest challenges have the biggest payoffs.


Who We Are:






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